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Go on an amazing 1-hour stargazing adventure in the Brecon Beacons National Park with a big telescope and an astronomer as your personal guide. Our 1-hour Brecon Beacons stargazing experience takes you on a whirlwind tour of the most exciting sights in the night sky. Visit breathtaking star systems around which alien planets might orbit; discover ancient star clusters sparkling like diamonds, watch red supergiant stars on the verge of collapsing into supernovae, and take in the light from distant galaxies millions of light years away. If the moon and / or planets are visible then we'll visit them too with the telescope on a private 1-hour stargazing experience, which is run exclusively for the gift box recipient plus any family and friends they wish to bring along.

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Our 1-hour Brecon Beacons stargazing experience is run from near the Brecon Beacons National Park Centre at Libanus, some 5 miles SW of Brecon, and about 15 miles N of Merthyr Tydfil. We'll meet you at the Centre for a 1-hour stargazing adventure out across the cosmos. Your personal astronomer will likely begin with a laser-guided tour of the stars and constellations to be seen from the Brecon Beacons on a date of your choosing. He'll then take you out on a journey across the cosmos with a large portable telescope. Along the way you'll get to see star systems, star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxies far beyond our own, and your astronomer will give you the background story to each view. If we have the moon in the sky then you'll get an amazingly detailed view of the lunar surface with hundreds of craggy craters, huge lava fields and even mountain chains on the moon! In the summer months you'll get to see Saturn with its fantastic ring system, while at other times of the year there'll be a chance to look for Jupiter, Mars and Venus. Our 1-hour Brecon Beacons stargazing experience is run exclusively for the gift box recipient, plus any family and friends they wish to invite along to share in the experience.

In the 1-hour Brecon Beacons stargazing experience gift box you get:

  • 1-hour stargazing experience gift voucher for the Brecon Beacons National Park valid for 2 years initially, which can be extended for a further year free of charge if required.

  • Instructions on how to use the voucher

  • Location map for the stargazing site

Looking for a stargazing gift for Chrismas, birthdays or for special occasions? Our 1-hour Brecon Beacons stargazing experience is ideal for anyone with a fascination in space or the night sky. As such it makes for an exciting (and unusual!) gift for individuals, couples, families and small groups. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

When can the voucher be used?

The stargazing voucher is valid for 2 years, so it gives the gift box recipient plenty of time to choose their own date for the stargazing experience. We can run the 1-hour Brecon Beacons stargazing experience on a week night or weekend night anytime of the year, except 24 -31 December, and subject to our astronomer's availability. Private stargazing nights are proving very popular, so you'll need to book ahead for the best pick of dates

How to book a date for your stargazing session

If you already have a voucher please email with your voucher number so we can let you know dates & time slots that are available.

What if it is raining or cloudy?

Naturally cloud and rain is always a threat. When using the voucher to book the stargazing experience we recommend that you choose 2 or 3 nights initially on which you’d be happy for us to run the experience. If it is cloudy / raining on all selected nights then we’ll simply roll the experience forward to an alternative date that works. We can keep rolling the experience forward until we are able to run the stargazing for you.


We are open for business. All orders will be processed and dispatched within 1 - 2 working days. We have restarted our private stargazing experiences at locations in England and Wales for individuals, couples, families and small groups from the same household or different households using safe social distancing and hygiene measures to ensure your complete safety.  



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