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Enjoy an entertaining evening under the stars from your back garden with astronomer Seb Jay and one of his large telescopes. Seb will come to your garden to provide a grand tour of the night sky for you, your family & friends. Your stargazing night will include a laser-guided tour of the stars and constellations that we can see from your back garden, and a tour out across the universe in search of star systems, star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxIes beyond our own. We can run a stargazing night for you from any garden location, whether in a rural spot, village, town or city setting. All we need is a relatively open garden area that is not overcrowded by trees or tall buildings.

AREAS COVERED: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Warwickshire, West Midlands, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Suffolk

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Discover more to the night sky from your back garden than you ever thought was possible. With astronomer Seb Jay you’ll get a whirlwind tour around some of the stars and constellations visible from your garden. Find out how to locate the north star, why stars are different colours, and how the light from some of the stars have taken thousands of years to reach your eyes.

You’ll then get to explore the night sky with a large telescope. Seb will locate star systems, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies to view from your garden in the telescope and tell you more about the background story to each view. If the moon and / or planets are visible too then we’ll get a look at them in the telescope as well.

AREAS COVERED: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Warwickshire, West Midlands, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Suffolk 

In the 2-hour Back Garden Stargazing Experience Gift Box you get:

  • A 2-hour stargazing experience gift voucher valid for 2 years initially, which can be extended for a further year free of charge if required.
  • Instructions on how to use the voucher and how to book a date (please note we operate on about a 6-month lead time for available dates to come to your garden)

The 2-hour stargazing experience is ideal for couples and families who wish to explore the night sky with an astronomer. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Voucher recipient may have up to 15 friends and family members share in the experience at no extra charge.

When can the voucher be used?

We run stargazing experiences all year round so you’re welcome to use the voucher for a week night or weekend night any time of the year, except 24 – 31 December, and subject to our astronomer’s availability. When arranging a date it is best to select a few nights so we have some options for bad weather. As we approach each of your booked dates we’ll check the weather forecast. If it is poor we’ll roll the experience forward to your next date, and continue to do so until we can run the stargazing for you.

How to book a date for your stargazing session

If you already have a voucher please email bookings@darkskytelescopehire.co.uk with your voucher number so we can let you know dates & time slots that are available.



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Kaye Family

Last Sunday we had a fantastic experience with Seb and his telescope. It was a fascinating and wondrous adventure, exploring the night sky. Seb's knowledge, enthusiasm and patience with our questions enhanced our journey through the night sky.

Kay Cooper

Booked an evening stargazing experience for my Dad and Stepmum in their garden. Seb provided a great evening,
lots to see and fascinating information. Everyone who came along really enjoyed it.

Stargazing 2hours in garden
Becky Cox

First of all definitely worth the wait. With the weather and covid against us waited over 2 years but glad we did. What an experience. Seb was brilliant with communication, booking and the detailed weather reports which I know we will miss! Nick did a cracking job on the night. We were so fortunate to see stars, constellations and even 4 planets. Nick had amazing knowledge and we all loved it. Said we would all do it again as we loved it. Thank you both for a fantastic evening.

Hannah Martin

Hi Seb,

I just wanted to quickly email you to thank you so much travelling all the way to us for the star gazing experience last night. The whole experience was incredible, insightful and informative from start to finish. We all commented on how confident you made us feel when we were asking questions and discussing the amazing night sky. I’ve already downloaded the app you recommended so I can continue to explore the sky!
Thank you so much again, honestly one of the best things I’ve done and the only thing I would want to improve the experience is to do it all again every clear night!!

Hannah (Sam, Lindsay and Gryff the dog!)

Sara Nunn

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Nick for a fantastic stargazing experience last night! You are so knowledgeable and it was fascinating to learn new things about the night sky. A real treat!

We really had a brilliant time, thanks again.

Thank You!
Sacha Leach

Just a quick email to say Thank you so much for our fantastic stargazing experience last Sunday, it was absolutely worth the wait. We all couldn't stop talking about it the next day- How much we'd seen and how much we'd learned.
Thank you as well for persevering with finding dates and finding the best viewing conditions for us. It must take a lot of effort constantly juggling the dates and weather like that and it was much appreciated, as in the end we couldn't have asked for a better night.
So overall, Thank you again, we loved it.

Have a great Weekend,

Best Wishes,



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